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    1. This is NOT a social board. While it is hoped that connections, even friendships, will develop as a result of this board's existence, the discussion that takes place on this board will be at all times professional and objective in nature and tone. While many of us are passionate about squirrels and are adamant in our beliefs, absolutely no drama, personal attacks, hysterics will be tolerated.

    2. If you wish to become a part of this board, you must approach discussions with the mindset that you may be wrong. Phrases such as "To the best of my knowledge" and "It's my understanding that" are good examples of how to approach discussions.

    3. If at any time it is perceived by administration that "cliques" have developed and the best interest of squirrels is being compromised by alliances, members will be warned, warned again, and then banned from contributing. You are free to agree or disagree with anyone at any time, but that agreement or disagreement must be based on the facts, not friendship.

    4. No solicitations will be allowed without first being approved by administration. It is the position of this board that responsible rehabilitation includes working within one's means, taking in no more animals than one can care for physically and monetarily. An example of when solicitations would be approved is a natural disaster such as the hurricane that hit eastern Texas and orphaned thousands of animals.

    5. Whenever appropriate, sources of information will be credited. General knowledge does not need to be cited, but the Internet has made everyone an "expert" on everything. If specific information that is not common knowledge is presented from an Internet search, the source must be cited (a copy of the link is sufficient). The same is required for books, journals, seminar handouts, and so forth.

    6. Everything on this board is transparent. The private message function has been disabled, and each member must have a signature line stating first and last name and level of experience (e.g. "DMV," "Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator," "Veterinary Technician," "Volunteer at a Wildlife center," or simply "Interested Party"). Administration may request verification of credentials.
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