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    It is hoped that this board will provide a place to share knowledge and experience regarding the rehabilitation of and care for squirrels so that this knowledge and experience can be distilled down into "best practices" and published on the host website:

    If at any time new knowledge and/or new experiences dictate, after investigation and discussion, that the website needs revision, such revision will occur. It is not expected, however, that everyone will agree on everything, but it is hoped that a general consensus can be obtained.

    It is also hoped that the host website will evolve into an invaluable repository of information to assist rehabilitators and others in their efforts to raise and rehabilitate these wonderful creatures.

    Contributions of photos, particularly of known ailments, will be greatly appreciated by all, as will contributions of case studies. Contributions, however, are copyright of and the contributor and may not be reproduced without consent of Contributions of knowledge and beliefs and practices are subject to discussion and verification by the members of this board.

    Thank you for your interest, participation, and efforts!

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